10 things you’ll need to survive the apocalypse

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10-things-youll-need-to-survive-the-apocalypseWhat if the world was to end and everything just went wrong? How would you stay alive? What if zombies attacked? Here are some tips on how to prepare for an adventure of a lifetime…

Having a private bunker located in a remote place with very minimal human activity is a perfect decision. Whoever the attackers are would mainly be interested in more populated areas meaning you can get away easily.

Red Cross Solar link radio
Is a must have whenever there is a zombie attack, attack by robots, computers or a nuclear war. It is solar charged to ensure you never miss out on important information aired through the radio thus can assist you to escape.

ACR Electronics Microfix Personal Beacon
This tracks your location and stores your medical information too. It can be used to evade zombies and vampires by detecting their presence. The fact that it is water resistant makes it ideal during floods as rescue teams can track you with ease.

You are definitely likely to be out in the dark trying to stay alive. The nights can be really cold therefore you need something that can keep you warm but still fit into a small bag.

A driveway alarm system
This is perfect for setting up a perimeter to detect any movement within a 400 ft radius. You can therefore even sleep at night without worrying about someone attacking you in your sleep.

Live saver bottle
This is capable of making any dirty water safe for drinking as it has a method of filtering bacteria within an instant.

Night vision goggles
This is optional but could be essential for anyone who is keeping watch at night especially if you lack the drive way alarm system.

Get some running shoes
Zombies are believed to be generally slow but rowdy therefore you have to run fast whenever you get the opportunity. If it is a vampire attack, you need these to run towards the sunlight as they cannot withstand sunlight.

A personal cooking system
This is a small cooker capable of preparing whatever type of food you may get out there. You need to eat to stay alive.

Solar tent
You are definitely not going to get any power supplies out in the wild thus you should have this custom made tent which can keep you warm and still light up at night.

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