10 ways to get revenge

By at home

Although it may seem petty, we all have times when we would like to get revenge on someone. Here are some ideas for harmless revenge pranks that can be used on friends, family or colleagues.

1. Technical issues

An effective way to get revenge on a colleague is to simply unplug their keyboard. This may not sound like much, but it will be fun to watch while they struggle to work out why their computer isn’t working!

2. Using props

Offer to go on the coffee machine run at work, but come back with empty plastic cups. Approach your victim, and pretend you have tripped throwing what they believe to be hot drinks in their direction.

3. A sticky situation

Get yourself some double sided sticky tape, and stick staplers and other office equipment to the desk. This can be adapted easily for use at home with other objects.

4. A classic

While someone is sleeping, get your lipstick and draw amusing doodles on their face.

5. The mystery of the disappearing lunch

If someone leaves their sandwich unattended, hide it, and replace it with two plain slices of bread, so it looks like the filling has disappeared.

6. Confusing keyboard

Find an old computer keyboard, swap the order of the keys around, and replace the keyboard of your chosen victim.

7. More computer problems

Take a screen shot of the desktop, then it set as the wallpaper and disable or hide the desktop icons. They will be clicking on the wallpaper wondering why nothing has happened!

8. The broken monitor

Download broken monitor wallpaper from the internet, then it set as the desktop background. Your friend or colleague will think that their monitor is broken.

9. Wardrobe malfunction

Find a piece of cloth, then leave something on the floor, such as a letter. When someone bends down to pick it up, rip the cloth so that they think their clothing has split.

10. What’s that noise?

Download some animal sounds to an MP3 player, then start it playing and hide the device indoors at work or home.

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