5 Christmas activities for children

By Pippa Thompson

Sam Flatman, an educational consultant from Pentagon Sport has five fun activities for the whole family to enjoy this Christmas.

Christmas is nearly here and there’s no better way to get the whole family into the festive spirit than by making Christmas crafts and enjoying a few outdoor activities. I’ve pulled together five of the best Christmas activities for children of all ages to enjoy.


1. DIY Christmas Cards

Everyone loves a handmade Christmas card. There’s nothing better for keeping the children entertained for a few hours than setting them up with some glitter and crayons so they can make their very own. There are lots of simple Christmas card designs for children of all ages to try. For under fives, help them out with some finger painting cards, think Christmas trees or even reindeer. For junior school age children, try some stencil style cards like these Christmas tree stencils cards. For children who are ready for more of a challenge, penguin face cards are a good place to start.


2. Paper Snowflakes

Making paper snowflakes is a holiday favourite that many of us remember fondly from our own childhood. Pre-cut some circles after tracing around a bowl or plate, then help your child to fold them in half and in half again so that you have a triangle shape. Cut little triangles or squares the the edges of the triangle. When you unfold them you’ll have beautiful snowflakes! You can either stick them on the windows as they are or loop around a piece of ribbon or string to make hanging Christmas decorations.


3. Freeze Bubbles

Ready to head outside? If the temperature has dropped below zero, then get the children outside to blow some bubbles. Blow a good sized bubble with some pre-made bubble mixture that you can prepare with water and washing up liquid. Catch hold of the bubble on a bubble wand and wait a few minutes for it to freeze. bubble will freeze into a magical crystal ball! Be careful though, these delicate crystal balls can shatter easily.


4. Christmas Baking

Christmas is great time for baking up some holiday treats! Leave traditional Christmas cake behind and experiment in the kitchen with some fun, children-friendly biscuit designs. I love these Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer cookies that cleverly use pretzels for antlers and dried cranberries for a nose. If you have younger children, you can still involve them in the kitchen by getting hold of a bag of white marshmallows and building your own snowmen on a skewer or lollipop stick.


5. Finger Puppet Play

Making finger puppets can be a little tricky, but it really is worth the effort. With some coloured paper and good glue, you can make Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, snowmen and more. The best thing about finger puppets is that once they’re ready, children can enjoy acting out Christmas scenes with them. This is a great way to encourage creative thinking and pretend play during your children’s Christmas holidays.

Are you looking forward to Christmas? I would love to hear about your favourite Christmas crafts and activities for children too. Happy holidays!

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About the Author
Sam Flatman is an Educational Consultant for Pentagon Sport. Pentagon have worked with over 5000 settings to create innovative playgrounds and learning environments for young students. He has been designing playgrounds for the past 10 years and has a passion for outdoor education. Sam believes that outdoor learning is an essential part of child development, which can be integrated into the new school curriculum. He is currently based in Bristol with his two sons.

Website: http://www.pentagonsport.co.uk
Pentagon’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PentagonSportUK
Pentagon’s Twitter: @PentagonSportUK

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