5 essential things to know before you go abroad

By Ellyn Peratikou

When your long awaited holiday is a week away, choosing what bikini to pack or fighting with your suitcase to close may seem like your priority, and the so-called ‘boring’ side of your last minute planning may be forgotten. Below are five essentials to consider in making sure your international trip is enjoyable, safe and cost effective. Whether you’re backpacking around Europe, returning to a familiar location or visiting somewhere new, unexpected issues occur. In case that anticipated holiday nightmare befalls, it is vital to have a plan of action before you jump on that plane!

1. Keeping your passport and travel documents safe seems obvious, yet for a lot of travellers they go missing at the most unlikely time. So to resolve this dilemma efficiently you should know the location of the British Embassy and police station before you go.

2. Know a few key phrases so you are able to ask for directions to the nearest doctors or rest room, you will feel in control of your whereabouts if you become ill.

3. Before visiting, research to have a better understanding of the country’s cultures, such as cuisine, suitable attire and manners. Knowing what is expected of you is important as you will feel comfortable in your new surroundings, especially if you head to a certain restaurant only to discover your’e allergic to their obscure menu!

4. You didn’t get chance to witness the breath taking views from Castle hill in Budapest or you caught a glimpse at the Tivoli in Copenhagen yet didn’t have time to enjoy it. Research and plan a realistic itinerary based on where you want to go, time management is key if you don’t want to miss out!

5. Predicting expenses is hard as unexpected bills can occur or the avid spender can’t resist the Hungarian hand crafted pair of shoes! So always give yourself enough spending money, or if money is tight consider taking out a credit card to ease the financial worry.


Stephanie Long

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