5 Natural ways to weather proof your locks this winter!

By Ellyn Peratikou

As the colder weather approaches, it brings with it a host of winter hair woes that can often leave your locks looking far from their best.  Dullness, breakage and frizz are all common problems most of us have to contend with. Holland & Barrett Beauty Expert Lucy Pottinger reveals her top tips on how to tackle winter hair horrors a natural and effective way. 

Try some vitalising Vitamins           

Turning to comfort food during the colder months means we can sometimes struggle to fulfil our ‘5-a-day’. Lucy comments “Diet is very important for hair growth; without sufficient iron, B vitamins, zinc and protein, hair may struggle to grow as well.” Try Holland & Barrett Vitamins for the Hair (£7.99 for 60 caplets); containing a combination of Vitamin B, Iron, Zinc and other minerals, it helps to contribute to the maintenance of strong and healthy hair.

vitamins for the hair (60)


Attack split ends with Argan Oil

During the winter months there is less humidity in the air, which can leave your hair and scalp feeling drier than usual. Argan Oil is loved by A-list celebrities worldwide and great for combating split ends and making hair easier to style. Run a few drops of Dr Organic Liquid Gold Moroccan Argan Oil (£14.49 for 50ml), through dry and damp hair to reduce frizz and boost shine.

Liquid Gold Argan Oil


Motivate your metabolism with Sea Kelp

Lucy comments: “It is well known that thyroid imbalances can contribute to hair loss. Iodine is a mineral required for normal thyroid hormone formation. Sea Kelp is a good natural source of Iodine which can be taken through dietary supplements and can also be found in dairy products, shellfish and grains”. Take Good N Natural Sea Kelp Tablets (£5.99 for 250 capsules) 1 – 3 times a day as needed during the winter weather to keep hair thick and healthy.


sea kelp (250)


Condition with Coconut 

Try using coconut oil to make your own DIY hair masks. Khloe Kardashian says she mixes the multi-use oil with “avocado, olive oil, mayonnaise and castor oil”. Perfect for providing plenty of hydration to brittle hair and split ends, Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil (£15.49 for 453g) can be used as an intensive conditioning treatment – once warmed slightly comb through hair and leave it in overnight. 


perfectly pure coconut oil


Stimulate your scalp with Vitamin E  

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which plays an important role in protecting cell membranes from damage caused by oxidative stress. Vitamin E may therefore help to repair damage to your hair follicles when applied to the scalp or when taken as a supplement. Try the soft gel Vitamin E capsules (£17.59 for 100 capsules) for a soothing scalp massage. Open the capsules and gentle massage into the scalp after washing and towel drying hair.

Vitamin E oil capsules

Viviscal Hair & Scalp Serum

Suitable for everyday use, the serum includes a proprietary complex called Ana:Tel, which is naturally derived from pea sprouts and grape seeds. Also using menthol to create a tingling cooling sensation on the scalp which may help to aid circulation, Viviscal Hair & Scalp Serum helps to support healthy hair growth, increase the appearance of hair thickness and protect hair from environmental and styling damage.

Clear, non-greasy and easy-to-apply with a targeted nozzle applicator, the serum is suitable for use on dry or wet hair and doesn’t leave a residue or weigh down the hair. The cost of this product is £24.95


About the author 

Holland & Barrett is the leading health food retailer on the UK high street.

Lucy Pottinger is the Holland & Barrett Beauty Category Manager.

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