Five detox food tips

By Pippa Thompson

1 – Dreaded bread
That magnetic smell calling you in to the bakery on your lunch break is dangerous. Cross the road and back away from the baguettes. The soft fluffy filling, crunchy crust and lashings of butter are sadly not your friend. White bread leaves you feeling sluggish and can cause a big uncomfortable bloat. It may seem like an attractive hunger fix, but their empty calories are pretty stubborn to shift.
Switching to wholemeal fibre-rich flour will fill you up for longer. Rye bread is even denser so will avoid the bloat and will keep those pesky salt and sugar cravings at bay. Try a piece toasted and spread with avocado, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of chilli flakes for a metabolism boosting breakfast.

2 – Pack up on protein
First there was trusty Dr. Atkins, now Mr. Paleo is the diet guru celebs are gushing about. No carbs is nothing new, but this primitive lifestyle does have some of the right ideas if you’re a meat and two veg kind of girl. Protein will fill you up for longer, so you’re less likely to give in to that guilty desert or gobble up the kid’s leftovers.
If you can’t bear to miss out on hearty home cooked favourites, why not try swapping heavy beef mince for a low fat substitute like Quorn once a week? Marinate it in stock, herbs and spices overnight and even your fussy lot can enjoy a ‘Meat free Monday’.

3 – Fewer fruits
Have you heard the new guidelines are to consume a whole seven portions of fruit and veg a day? Like you really needed more to contend with at the dinner table. The juicing trend makes topping up your tally easier, injecting vitamins and nutrients into your diet with a whizz of a button. Mastering the best concoctions can get tedious, and will take a bitter turn with the wrong ingredients. Fruit is packed with sugar, but darker berries have less fructose so why not sweeten up with a handful of blueberries or blackberries for a tastier antioxidant hit.

4 – Get your greens
Times have changed from veg dishes being slopped out in a bland, over-boiled mush. You won’t believe it, but you can make your super greens super tasty. Put that chunky chip down, and reach for this sweet kale crisp… you can make a moreish snack by oven cooking a layer on a baking tray with coconut oil, salt and pepper for 10 minutes. Even the kids will dig into this vitamin rich finger food, a much healthier alternative to crispy ‘seaweed’ from your Chinese take away. Garlic roasted broccoli or griddled asparagus make a satisfying side and are full of fabulous detoxing goodness.

5 – Cool as a coconut
The waxy texture of coconut oil takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth mastering the melt for all its health boosting properties. Investing in a quality jar to roast and fry with can tackle weight and stress, lower cholesterol, boost your immune system, speed digestion, whilst treating kidneys, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, bone and dental strength. Definitely an impressive mouthful! If only it could wash the car, do the shopping and pay the mortgage as well.
Move over Eight-Hour Cream, there’s a new beauty saviour in town. Use a blob from your jar to wipe away your face for the day, moisturise those dry elbows and comb through as a mask to repair weather beaten tresses.
The oil even doubles up as a home spa. Once a week for 20 minutes, soak in a bath with 75ml coconut oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, and some Epsom salts. This combo draws out toxins, balances PH levels and brings balance back to your being.

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