Ask Tess

By Jade Harding

We asked Tess to take time out of her busy schedule to answer your burning questions – and she didn’t disappoint…

Kitchen colours

Q. I want to decorate my kitchen. What’s your favourite colour scheme at the moment? I’m really not sure what combination I should go for!
Alison Lock, 32, Preston

A. Hi Alison, I’m obsessed with interiors and decorating! I buy nearly every interiors magazine going. Right now I’m loving grey with yellow, black and silver accents. This looks really chic and the yellow gives it a modern pop of colour. Check out the Houzz Interior Design Ideas app… Heaven! Literally thousands of ideas when it comes to home design. I’m addicted! The app is available from both the Apple store and Google Play.

The website, too, has millions of photos to give you plenty of ideas to get the home you want.

Figuring it out

Q. What do you do to stay so slim? Do you rely on healthy food or exercise? What’s your secret, Tess?
Helen Every, 27, Ely

A. I tend to be on the go all the time running after two little ones and probably don’t sit down unless I’m driving or at the end of the day when they’re all in bed! I do eat a healthy diet – lots of whole foods and proteins – but then I do have a sweet tooth and need chocolate on a daily basis!

I don’t believe in dieting because once you start to deprive yourself you tend to crave what you can’t have even more! I find a little bit of what you fancy – without overindulging – is best as it’s a more practical way to live.

Glossy locks

Q. Whenever I see you on television, your hair always looks so bouncy and healthy. How on earth do you keep it looking so fabulous all the time?
Michelle Still, 30, Birmingham

A. Thank you, Michelle, that’s super sweet of you, but when you see me on television my hair has usually been teased and blow-dried and prepped by a very clever hairdresser for at least an hour in advance! That said, I do try to look after it as much as possible.

For example, I use lots of deep conditioners and leave them on overnight to mend split ends. I also get regular trims from my trusty hairdresser and try to keep out of the sun so my hair doesn’t get too dry and brittle.

Perfect getaway

Q. I want to take my family for some winter sun. What is your favourite relaxing holiday destination for a young family?
Mark Baines, 49, South London

A. I hear you, Mark! Oh for a bit of winter sun!! I’m SO ready for some, too! My ideal destination would probably be the Caribbean, perhaps Tobago or St Lucia. The flights are not too long for the kids and it’s guaranteed sunshine. Plus I love the relaxed vibe, the beaches and the food.

Ankle boots or knee highs?

Q. There are so many different styles of boots in the shops this season. I’m stuck between choosing a pair of ankle boots or knee highs. Thing is, I’m worried I’m too old for knee high boots. What do you think?
Natalie Webb, 55, North London

A. You’re certainly NOT too old for knee highs! But personally, I think ankle boots are way cooler (they look like you’re not trying so hard) and a lot more versatile – plus they have the advantage that they look great with a shorter or knee-length skirt or when teamed with skinny jeans or leggings.

Not only that, but you get at least two seasons a year wear out of them – more than you’d get out of those knee highs!

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