Best social media fails of 2013

By Ellyn Peratikou

Twitter and Facebook may not have been around for very long, but it’s pretty safe to say they’re the fastest-growing mediums for feuds and fails the world over. Apparently the concept of ‘think before you tweet’ just isn’t all that easy for a lot of people. Celebs and all! From live show spoilers to horse meat scandals, we’ve collected the best social media fails of 2013 so far.

Batman to play for Real Madrid:

Now, even if you’re completely unfamiliar with the world of football, it’s unlikely that you’ve not heard of deadline day. This year saw Gareth Bale become the most expensive football player in history. In their haste and excitement The Sun newspaper tweeted the news out to its 397,246 followers:

Picture 5

Who’s the Daddy?

Corrie’s Michelle Keegan suffered a second twitter fail recently – following her nude photo slip-up in April- after tweeting a picture of her Corrie script whilst out with her co-star Jack P Shepherd who plays David Platt. The photo was quickly deleted when her followers pointed out her mistake.
Some fans insisted that Michelle’s latest Twitpic revealed the results of Corrie’s ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ DNA storyline between David Platt and Kylie. Oops!
Picture 8


Hay, what’s the problem?

The past year has been a tough one for many supermarkets who were hit by the horse meat scandal. As the public had just been told they’d been eating horse meat, Tesco Customer Care probably should have chosen their words a little more carefully before tweeting:

Picture 7

Earlier this year, HMV announced that it had called in the administrators – putting thousands of jobs at risk. Furious employees briefly took over the company’s official Twitter account in order to express their disgust at being sacked from the 92-year-old music chain. On finding out, their MD was quoted asking: “How do I shut down Twitter?” … We’re afraid it’s just not that easy!

Picture 6

Spoiler alert!

Last month saw the end of this year’s Big Brother, with X Factor reject Rylan Clarke landing the role of presenter for Channel 5’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. In his excitement, Rylan tweeted a picture of himself the day before the live show, with the evicted contestants picture clearly displayed behind him! Needless to say, viewers and C5 producers weren’t best pleased!

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