Celebs who feud with their fans

By Ellyn Peratikou

Beyonce’s never had much trouble attracting fans, and her appeal proved greater than ever the other day when her hair became tangled in a large electronic fan onstage. In an unbe-weave-able case of bad luck, B’s bountiful bouffant got stuck while performing during her concert in Montreal.

But she’s not the first celebrity to have had a run-in with a fan – and by fan we mean a doting obsessive rather than an apparatus with rotating blades. Indeed, there have been some interesting feuds between celebrities and their admirers. Here are some of the most memorable cases of celebs who feud with their fans…


  1. Rihanna hits fan with a microphone (June 2013)

Footage of this incident, which occurred during a concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham, shows Rihanna walking along in front of the crowd, relaxedly singing ‘We Found Love’ and reaching out to touch her fans’ hands, when, suddenly, an excitable member of the crowd latches onto the songstress’ arm and refuses to let go.

Instead of letting her beefy bodyguards deal with the situation, Ri-Ri took matters into her own hands by lashing out and using her microphone to hit the culprit’s hand away. The unapologetic star (pun intended) then took to Twitter to confirm that she had hit the fan on ‘purpose’, stating: ‘That b**** won’t let me go’. Hash tag good grammar gone bad.

Perhaps somebody should tell Ri-Ri that making a dent in her fanbase isn’t the best way of going about making her mark in the music industry…


  1. Bieber gets assaulted on stage (May 2013)

How anyone could dislike the utterly charming and in no way irritating Justin Bieber is difficult to comprehend, however it appears the teenage popstar isn’t to everybody’s liking – especially the crazed fan who tackled him onstage during a concert in Dubai.

Bieber was in the middle of playing the piano when, out of the blue, a deranged-looking fellow leapt up on stage, ran towards the slick-haired pop prince and tried to grab him from behind. Clearly he wasn’t a Belieber.

Luckily, in true Jeremy Kyle style, a security guard swiftly came to the rescue, allowing Bieber to break free and quickly move to the other side of the stage. The fan, however, still managed to leave a scene of destruction in his wake as he grappled with the security guard and toppled over the grand piano. Talk about hitting a flat note.


  1. Miley Cyrus fights with fan on Twitter (August 2011)

Rather than it being onstage, the disagreement (or shall we say debate) between Miley Cyrus and one of her fans took place on another platform altogether; Twitter.

After Miley Tweeted a snap of her new tattoo – a small ‘equals’ sign on her ring finger in support of same-sex marriage – with the caption ‘All LOVE is equal’, one of her followers, @MileyCyrusLuver, immediately responded by citing Bible verses against homosexuality.

To which the ex-Hannah Montana star quipped: ‘Where does it say in the Bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge honey. GOD is love’. Word.

 Words: Heledd Williams 

Image: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

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