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Many of us want to look younger, but if you think that collagen-enriched anti-wrinkle cream is going to do the trick then you could be wasting your time – and your money. In fact, scientists claim that collagen creams do not smooth our wrinkles or stop the signs of ageing at all…

They promise to turn back the years but that oh-so-expensive collagen anti-wrinkle cream that your favourite celebrity swears by could be nothing but a big fat beauty myth. A survey conducted by the Sense About Science charity has found that at the top of a list of things scientists found most irritating was the claims made by cometic companies on the packaging of collagen creams.

Collagen refers to a group of naturally occurring proteins that gives skin its strength and elasticity. The amount of collagen that we make falls as we get older, and the protein has become a key ingredient of many anti-ageing creams.

And although beauty manufacturers claim that creams are absorbed by the skin, scientists say that this is impossible as collagen molecules are simply far too big. A a result, they sit on the surface of the skin until they are rubbed or washed away.

As published in The Daily Mail, Dr Blanca Sengerova, an Oxford University protein biochemist who works on the chemistry of large molecules says: "It really frustrates me when I see adverts for anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen. Although collagen is structurally important for the integrity of our skin, the protein molecule is far too large to pass through the barrier posed by the skin."

Jonathan Hadgraft, professor of biophysical chemistry at the University of London’s school of pharmacy, added: "There is a popular belief that about 60 per cent of such creams is absorbed through the skin but the reality is that most of it just stays on the skin. If it did penetrate the skin and get into the blood, it would have to be classed as a medicine."

Are you suprised by these claims about collagen-enriched creams? Which face cream do you swear by? Tell us in the comments below, send us a Tweet or write on our Facebook wall!

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