Confessions of a shopaholic

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After a hard day’s shopping, you come home with yet another new dress (or three) and feel a little bit guilty about telling your partner about it. If you find yourself hiding your shopping bags, lying about how much you spend or justifying your purchases to your man, then you are most certainly not alone…

Money saving website interviwed 3,000 British women on their shopping habits and revealed that that three quarters of guilt-ridden women will try to defend their purchases because they know they can’t really afford it. Researchers also found that two thirds of women regret spending money the moment they get home and nearly a quarter even say they panic and break in to a sweat. A third of women even admitted lying to their partner about the true cost of their shopping and a fifth feel the need to hide their purchases.

And girls, it seems we are full of excuses! According to the study, the top ten excuses women give for overspending are:

  1. It was on sale
  2. I needed cheering up
  3. I deserved to treat myself
  4. I have wanted it for ages
  5. I haven’t bought anything new in ages
  6. I never spend much on myself
  7. I’ll get a lot of wear out of it
  8. I really need it
  9. I saved money elsewhere so deserve to splash out
  10. I need it for a party

Money saving specialist Alex Attinger from said: ”It’s worrying how many women get so worked up spending money on themselves.It’s a shame that they feel the need an excuse to spend money on themselves but I guess it’s only natural when we are all feeling the pinch right now. The study showed that women broke their budgets an average of twice a month and that afterwards they were often wracked by guilt and felt the need to lie to their partners about what they had spent. If people budget well in advance and allow themselves to have the odd treat and shop wisely in sales and when things are on special there shouldn’t be any need for women to beat themselves up every time they hand over some cash.”

The study also found that the average woman overspends by £49.32 a month – with one in ten overspending by more than £100. Two thirds say that shopping is therapeutic and stops them feeling depressed and that they feel splashing out every now and then is good for women.

Oh dear, we think we might just be addicted to shopping! Before we go and check ourselves into Shopaholics Anonymous, we want to know: do you ever hide your shopping bags or lie about your purchases to your partner?

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