Creating a loft bathroom

By Pippa Thompson

For many, unused space equals creates an opportunity, which is why converting loft space into a bathroom is an increasingly popular choice – but where to start?

How much space is there?
There are numerous options available, dependent on the vacant height and floor space. Try to think carefully about the specific theme, as the more unusual nature of loft space means that the finished bathroom will look unique.

Shower or bath?
This is of course, down to personal preference, but it is worth considering how this choice will affect the overall design or look. Building the design around a shower can work really well within unconventional loft spaces. However, if a bath is preferred, there are so many different sizes and capacities open the market that whatever the space, there are no lack of options!

Don’t crack under the pressure!
Equally as important as designing your dream bathroom is the logistics of making sure your water pressure is taken into account, as an extra pump may well be required. Remember to talk to a plumber about this before formalising any plans.

Storage – meeting the challenge
The specific design of a loft space, which typically has sloping ceilings, means there can be both challenges and opportunities when it comes to creating storage solutions. Although fitting bespoke cabinets compliments the layout of a room, it is important to think outside the box in terms of clever solutions like units like these that are fixed to the wall, which means that much-needed floor space is freed up.

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Adam Chard is a bathroom consultant at Victoria Plumb



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