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Even the keenest gadget watchers out there won’t know everything there is to know about the world of gizmos…

Did you know… that you can charge your gadgets using wind power? A device called the HYmini will collect both wind and solar power, so you can charge your portable gizmos and gadgets wherever you are and the energy stored in its internal battery can be used to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player, iPod®, PDA, digital camera or other 5V devices.For info go to www.HYmini.com

Did you know… that there are environmentally friendly ways of chucking out the gadgets you don’t need Of course you should always consider selling old gadgets or donating them to charity before deciding to get rid of them for good. But if you think they are beyond that, then recycle them. Mobile phones, TVs and DVDs, refrigerators and the like can all be disposed of greenly. Visit www.allthingseco.co.uk for advice

Did you know… that before you buy a new gadget, it’s worth thinking about how much it will cost you in energy terms Two similar products may be on sale in a store for vastly different prices, but before you plum for the cheaper one think about how much it will cost you in energy terms. The pricier item may work out cheaper long-term. For example, certain washing machines use less water than others and since most of the running costs will be from heating the water, these machines will be more cost-effective than others.
Some electronic products use energy to power things like LCD clock displays even when they are not being used.

Did you know… exposure to cold drains batteries faster? The simple solution is to keep digital cameras and mobile phones snugly in a jacket or coat pocket during the winter so it stays charged up for longer.

Did you know… that a mobile phone can be used to ward off mosquitoes? By producing ultrasonic sounds that mozzies apparently hate, these high-pitched tones can be downloaded onto any phone so that you can ditch those yucky creams for good…

Did you know… a gadget exists to improve your memory?Gary Small, the neuroscientist who wrote a best-selling novel called The Memory Bible, has also developed a device that will help you to remember things in case the book has gone in one eye and out of the other. The ‘Handheld Brain And Memory Fitness Trainer’ has an LCD screen that will help you to simultaneously exercise the left-brain (verbal memory and logical skills) and the right-brain (visual memory)’ via some games. Remind me to add that to my wish list….

Did you know… we’ll soon see a 50 inch plasma screen with a 9mm waistline Not only are TVs getting larger, they’re getting slimmer. The Panasonic Kuro is only 9mm deep and reportedly has superb picture quality… A 2009 release is anticipated. For more info go to www.pioneer.co.uk

First Published in Ultimate Gadgets with Jason Bradbury, June 2008

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