Ditch tradition: five unusual pancake fillings

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Shrove Tuesday – or Pancake Day as it is often more fondly known – has become a rather much-anticipated feature in us Brits’ calendar. Children and adults alike look forward to a day, or just dinner, brimming with those flat, batter-fried treats that we love to douse in lemon, sugar – and any other sweet sauce we can get our sticky mitts on. But, who says we have to go for traditional pancake fillings this year? (Besides, you can guarantee that the Jif Squeezy Lemon has already sold out in Tesco) So read on for our alternative pancake fillings that will keep you full until Lent is over…

If you’ve always struggled to get wholeheartedly behind sickly, sweet pancakes, then break with convention and go savoury. There are a multitude of not-so-sweet toppings which make for a tasty treat. And if you love to go syrup-bottles ablazing when it comes to your pancakes, then there are plenty of alternatives to the classic lemon and sugar combination…

  • Fry it up Take inspiration from the British fry up, and top your pancakes with thin strips of crispy bacon (pancetta’s our favourite), and mushrooms and red onions fried lightly in Frylight (or any other one-cal spray). Then once plated up, grate a little cheddar cheese – or stilton if you’re feeling more adventurous – over the top. Delicious!
  • Ladle on leftovers As Shrove Tuesday is all about using up what’s left in your cupboards, be sure to do the same with your toppings. Leftover ham or chicken, some chorizo, a few discarded olives and a fistful of rocket are ready-made fillers for your pancakes believe it or not. Roll it up, sprinkle some all-important cheese on top, and you’ve got a pancake with a Mediterranean twist.
  • Pancake pudding Channel the flavours of a Danish strudel in your pancakes today: fill them with a baked apple cut into slices, and dust cinnamon and icing sugar on top; this will make for a warming taste that resembles an apple pie more than your likely pancake!
  • Go nuts Think outside the box when it comes to your pancakes this year. Peanut butter and honey combined, whilst very sticky (and difficult to swallow) is a sweet-toothed-eater’s pancake heaven! What’s more, it’s glutinous texture will slow the kids down at the dinner table tonight!
  • Get in the spirit You may want to wait until the kids are asleep for this one: the adult pancake. Dark chocolate chips, drizzled with your tipple of choice (Baileys and Kahlua come to mind) make the ultimate boozy pancake, and for some texture top them with some banana. Or, why not opt for drizzled mulled wine combined with soft pear for a pancake with more kick?

Frying pans at the ready!

Words: Jessie Bland

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