Down town – more than neon lights and gentle bosa novas for today’s downsizers

By Ellyn Peratikou

Weighing up whether you want to downsize to a quiet village or to a more urban environment can be a tough choice.

You might think that downsizers would hanker after a quiet rural idyll, but current trends show that far from snapping up the quaint country cottages, today’s downsizers are moving into towns and city centres because they want access to good transport links and a wide choice of societies, clubs, events, facilities and amenities for hobbies, fun and socialising. They do not want a quieter life – they want an easier and more fulfilling life.

If you look across the pond to the USA (where most trends start), the move by the over 55’s into urban centres is well established. Neighbourhoods and businesses have welcomed this injection of new life into their communities with clubs and shops offering tailor made services for their new customers.

Downsizers are often moving to be closer to family members – but still want the freedom to live an active life, as Carol Naden the sales manager at Pegasus Court in Taunton, explained: “I would advise anyone over 55 wanting to downsize, to look at specialist developments in town centres as they generally offer you the best of both worlds – all the amenities you need on your doorstep and the social interaction that comes from living with like-minded people and they are where everyone knows each other so friendships are made quickly.  A quaint cottage in a rural village could be boring by comparison!”


About the author

Carol Naden has many years’ experience in property and as well as a keen eye for design, she advises many clients on successful downsizing. Carol is currently sales manager at Pegasus Court in Taunton where the last phase of apartments for the over 55’s have just been launched.

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