Eight relationship mistakes you should be avoiding

By Ellyn Peratikou

Dating doesn’t have to be as difficult as you’re making it, and relationships shouldn’t consist of daily arguments. There are plenty of common mistakes that many of us are guilty of, so if you seem to find yourself on the receiving end of a break up all too often, here are eight relationship mistakes you should be avoiding.

1. Being afraid to make the first move

Can someone please show us the rules which state that it’s men who are responsible for always making the first move? Women should not fear looking ‘too keen’ simply because they initiate the conversation. The ‘he hasn’t called/texted me so I shouldn’t be the first’ logic is completely bizarre! And vice versa. You’ll get no where if you’re both waiting for each other to make a move, so if you want something, make it happen.

2. Publicising your relationship on social media

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are extremely useful tools, when used properly that is. Most of us will probably admit to sometimes sharing too much, but certain things don’t belong on the internet for the world to see. It’s as simple as that. Your Facebook profile will soon start to read like a Jeremy Kyle script if you insist on airing your dirty laundry via status update.

3. Getting green eyed 

Jealousy is possibly the most unattractive trait anyone could possess, and is the most common contributor in all relationship breakdowns. Some people believe that showing a little jealousy means they care, but it’s not so cute once you realise that you’re unable to blink in the direction of another man/woman without having to face the Spanish inquisition afterwards.

4. Sharing too much too early

Some people take the phrase ‘Sharing is Caring’ a little too literally. It’s great to feel comfortable with each other, and finding someone you can truly be yourself around can be so hard, but as soon as you start FaceTiming each other from the toilet the mystery is gone. Forever.

5. Playing hard to get

Of all the unwritten relationship rules we’ve heard, the ‘treat them mean keep them keen’ is the most ridiculous of them all. There are plenty of ways to show you’re interested in someone that wont make you seem completely arrogant. No self respecting woman/man would seriously play along with such juvenile games and it’s truly off putting.

6. Lying to begin with

You may want to big yourself up a bit the first time you meet someone, or in your online dating profile for example. But to save you from inevitable embarrassment later on, don’t be too elaborate in your lies. It might be easy to keep up the pretense to begin with, but before you know it you’ll be married with three kids and your partner will still think you’re Gerard Butler’s stunt double or Kate Middleton’s stylist. Just be careful.

7. Being a space invader

To men and women the world over: the most important thing you could do for your other half is to give them space. Stifling them means they will only spend their time trying to escape. After you’ve been together a while you will realise how important it is for each of you to enjoy your own activites and social lives.

8. Shutting each other out

Without trying to sound too much like Oprah, communication is absolutely vital in any relationship. Some people love a good argument, but taking the time to discuss your problems will prove far more effective in the long run, negative atmospheres make for frosty environments.

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