Epic April Fools pranks

By Ellyn Peratikou

April Fool’s is a day which allows everyone to have a little fun, albeit at the expense of others, but fun nonetheless. Some people scheme for days, even weeks, in order to perfect their prank. Did you know, practical joker Porky Bickar (weirdly appropriate) was so committed to fooling the residents of a small town in Alaska, that he dropped tyres into the centre of their dormant volcano and set them alight in order to fool people into thinking that it was erupting! Now that’s what you call an April Fools! Discover your wicked side with these Epic April Fools pranks:

Tattoo sleeves – There’s nothing quite like seeing the reaction on your partner’s/parents’ face when they see you walk in with a fully inked arm. These look very realistic, so see how long you can keep everyone going for.

Fake insects – A classic. Guaranteed to get a few people squealing. Pick up a few realistic looking creepy crawlies and place them in bed, the shower or the fridge for the best reaction.

Scrape out the inside of the Oreos and replace with toothpaste – Although this is completely evil, don’t underestimate how hilarious it is.

Printable parking ticket – Give someone a fright with a printable parking ticket. Write a wicked April Fool’s message on it, place it on their car and wait until they return to see their reaction.

Cling film on the toilet seat – This is only for the real brave/cruel people out there. Placing cling film or any other clear cellophane on the toilet seat will guarantee heaps of laughter from you and your friends. If you’re on the receiving end, then not so much.

Caramelised onions but not as you know them – Cover a couple of apples and some big onions in caramel/toffee and hand them out at work. Wait and see who ends up with what!

Epic April Fool’s pranks 2013:

1. YouTube announced it was shutting down and would be picking the winner of the Best YouTube video of all time.

2. Google introduced its latest feature Google Nose, the scentsational search engine with the slogan ‘Smelling is believing.’

3. Sugarscape magazine ran an article claiming that Justin Beiber was to undergo gender re-assignment surgery.

4. Twitter announced that its basic non-paying users would only be allowed to tweet using consonants. Users would have to pay $5 a month for the use of vowels.

5. Richard Branson is no stranger to an April Fool’s prank. This year the Virgin boss announced that Virgin Atlantic were to introduce a glass bottom plane. Even the thought makes us feel queasy.

6. Netflix announced its newest specific search feature such as “Movies Featuring an Epic Nicholas Cage Meltdown.” or “Movies that are English but still require subtitles.”

7. The Daily Express took their April fool to hotels.com claims to be offering the Belgian Suite of Buckingham Palace from 1 April for £10,000 a night.Express readers are invited to turn to page 30 to book – but then are confronted with the message: “SORRY, if you think you can book a suite at the Palace as we suggest on page 24, you’re an April Fool!”

8. Online store Boden’s introduced the Marylebone Man-Skirt with the attached description: “Trousers made sense when men rode horses, ploughed fields and trawled for fish. But now that so many of us are sat in front of a computer monitor all day the man-skirt is a smart choice.”

What Epic April Fools pranks did you pull this year and did they work?

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