Erectile dysfunction – the unwritten truth

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For the man: anxiety, embarrassment, pressure, and the perpetual worry: ‘Will I be able to perform?’

For the woman: doubt, anticipation, disappointment, and the perpetual question: ‘Is it my fault?’

Whether you are reading this from a male or female perspective, you can probably identify with many of the above emotions, and have possibly just brushed them under the carpet, not to be spoken about, a subject too raw to even mention for fear of feeling a fool or making things worse.

Rest assured, you are not alone. Over 60% of men suffer with erectile dysfunction, a condition which, contrary to popular belief, is not confined to the over forties, but spans all ages. Even teenagers can suffer – not only with erectile dysfunction, but also with premature ejaculation, which can be equally embarrassing. This is such a taboo subject that men often avoid it or deny talking about it for fear of embarrassing or upsetting the person in question, but you also have to consider that this does not exclusively affect the man. There is invariably a woman involved who is, naturally, equally anxious and uncertain, which can lead to yet more pressures on a relationship.

Fixing the problem

If this sounds all too familiar, then read on. Research into this field is ongoing, and there are now a variety of possible solutions available without prescription, including herbal alternative. Many feel there is a stigma connected to taking pills like Viagra®, not to mention the dangers associated with possible heart and respiratory problems, which is why it is necessary to consult a doctor to ensure the drug can be taken without experiencing any adverse effects. This can prove a potential problem on several different levels: admitting to your GP, whom you have probably known for years, that you are ‘having problems in the bedroom’ isn’t going to be easy and could prove to be an unnecessarily embarrassing experience if it transpires that Viagra® is not suitable for you. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you are in a relationship experiencing issues surrounding erectile dysfunction you both suffer. Perhaps it’s worth considering an herbal alternative to help put that spark back into your life safely without the inconvenience of going to see your local GP – it might just be the first step towards rediscovering a fulfilling and carefree relationship!


About the author

Established in 2006, Innovations247 are the UK’s leading supplier of genuine Golden Root Complex, a 100% herbal alternative to Viagra. Sold initially through vending machines in pubs and clubs, we have evolved with the times and are now increasingly supplying the product via our company website to satisfied customers around the world. What makes Innovations247 stand out from the competition?  Find out for yourself:



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