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Beauty often comes at a price, but some people are willing to spend more than others. Celebrities are renowned for their extravagant purchases, from designer dresses to pink diamond rings, and their approach to beauty treatments is no different either.

While the rest of us scrabble around Boots for a decent yet modestly-priced foundation, A-listers are busy indulging in thousands of pounds worth of lotions and potions. Read on to find out some of the most expensive celebrity beauty buys; you may want to take off your mascara, because these staggering prices are likely to make your eyes water…

1. Kelly Osbourne, 28

When Kelly rocked up to the 2012 Emmys, frugality was the last thing on her mind as the style critic proudly displayed a black diamond manicure on the red carpet. Created by Los Angeles based luxury jeweller Azature, the tiny bottle of varnish contains 267 carats of powdered black diamonds and costs $250,000 (£160,000). Just IMAGINE how many bottles of Barry M nail varnish (and/or items of actual value) you could buy for that amount of money.

While the majority of rational human beings probably view this manicure as an absurd – if not grotesque expenditure, Kelly had a very different take on the matter, saying: ‘Please forgive me for not apologising. It made me feel like a queen!’ Luckily for Kelly, the bottle was sent to her for free.  Feeling jealous? Don’t despair; you can give yourself a budget version of Kelly’s manicure with Rimmel’s Precious Stones in Diamond Dust, which costs a mere £3.99 a bottle.

2. Beyonce, 31

Like Kelly, Beyonce also appears to have a penchant for luxurious nails. In the advert to promote her Mrs Carter show world tour, the songstress dressed up in regal attire and sported a set of gold nails. Designed by H&H nails, the opulent talons cost £560 in total (£56 for each nail). Well, they don’t call her Queen B for nothin’…

3. Rihanna, 25

Her hair always looks a million dollars – and that it should, given it costs more than a million dollars a year to maintain. From ruby curls to shaved mohawks to tousled waves, Rihanna’s ever-changing ‘do has transformed her into a hair icon. However, the title comes at a cost; the singer reportedly spends $23,000 (£15,238) a week on keeping her hairstyle in stunning condition, meaning it’s never a bad hair day for RiRi.

4. Kate Middleton, 31

Hailed for her fresh-faced beauty, future queen K-Midds keeps her skin in royally good condition with bee venom facials, which are also favoured by Victoria Beckham, 39 and Gwyneth Paltrow, 40. One ounce of venom costs approximately £36,573 and is meant to keep skin supple and youthful.

5. Owen Wilson, 44

Think it’s just the ladies who are prone to vanity? Think again. Actor Owen Wilson, famed for his comedic film roles, achieves a healthy glow not by lounging in the LA sunshine, but by tanning three times a week and pays $1,200 (£795) for each session.


Image: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Words: Heledd Williams, Junior Sub-Editor, at home magazine, and beauty blogger: http://yesterface.wordpress.com/

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