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Whether it’s having popcorn thrown at your head or sitting next to someone who just won’t stop texting, we reveal the things British cinema-goers find most irritating when settling down to watch the latest must-see release…

We’ve all been there. You’re at the cinema, armed with a bag of pick’n’mix (yes, even though you’re a fully grown adult) and a drink of Diet Coke, ready to swoon over the lovely Gerard Butler, when your movie-going experience is ruined by children kicking your seat/that couple who won’t stop kissing/that idiot on their mobile phone. According to a YouGov survey of 1,982 Brits, the three most irritating habits that we find most annoying in the cinema are people talking(54%), using mobiles phones (52%) and kids making too much noise (48%).

Other annoying habits that we just can’t stand included having your seat kicked (47%), hating the rustling of crisp or sweet packets (36%) and people slurping their drinks (11%). In fact, a further 11% said they hated people eating in the cinema altogether!

Last but not least, 7% of people hate it when fellow movie-goers arrive late, while 4% can’t stand people indulging in hobbies, such as knitting, when watching a film. And a fussy 1% detest people taking their shoes off in the cinema.

BBC Radio Five Live’s film critics Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo have drawn up a list of the ten most annoying habits in the cinema, dubbed the ‘Wittertainment code of conduct’ – to have a read, just click here!

What are your top pet hates in the cinema? Tell us in the comments below, send us a Tweet or tell us on Facebook!

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