Gas systems: a basic guide to components and typical applications

By Ellyn Peratikou

There are two types of gas boilers, LPG and natural gas or piped gas. The former is often found where the property is of mains. Natural gas is a far more affordable option due the nature of its supply and manufacturers have the largest ranges available in this fuel type. All gas boilers need to vent the emissions to the outside and this is done by a flue kit. All flues are now powered and push the emissions safely away to the outside.

Previous flues relied on natural draft and these occurred in the form of balanced flue, large square RS units, or conventional flue CF. Both where prone to back draft and needed constant maintenance and checking to make sure they where not dangerous. It also made the appliance very inefficient and in the case of balanced flue very constrained in its location in the house.

All gas boilers are now fanned flued and condensing which re-uses the exhaust gases to heat the incoming mains to a more satisfactory temperature. Gas boilers have the benefit of range and can start from 12KW (30,000 BTU) up to 65KW ( 220,000 BTU) depending what is required.

Gas boilers can suit all applications and can be combination, conventional or system boilers. All gas boilers are far more efficient and cleaner than oil boilers. With the advances in boiler technology it now means that you can locate your boiler in any room in the house and there are a myriad of flue options to allow the installer to choose the best option for the location.


About the author

Matthew Pierce has been in the business for 20 years and worked on all sides of the business, purchasing, marketing and selling. He also develops products for the UK market and deals with any queries or complaints for the whole company. At Mr.Central Heating they have always sold lots of product and this generally means that you learn quickly or fall down.

Mr. Central Heating is the leading heating and hot water retailer that has been supplying the one off market for over forty years. We are an independent stockist of all the leading brands of boilers including Vaillant, Baxi, Potterton, Ideal and Worcester. All the stock is within our own warehouses and we deliver everything on our own transport and do not use couriers. We buy in bulk so offer the most competitive prices on central heating in the UK and with a knowledge and service that is un-rivalled in the central heating sector. Mr.Central Heating also specialises in Column radiators which come in various colours and finishes, the most popular at the moment being raw metal which fits any house and offers a unique bespoke look and feel to the room.


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