Getting the right screeding contractor

By Ellyn Peratikou

Sadly, summer is almost gone; sunny days, holidays spent in exotic places, pool parties with refreshing drinks and ice-creams are all gone as well. Now, home owners must prepare their homes for winter. While some of them have already completed extensive home improvements, with just a few finishing touches left, others are about to start small home remodelling projects, such as installing a new floor.

If you want to replace your old floor with a contemporary alternative, it’s important to look for an experienced screeding contractor. Why? That’s because only a knowledgeable and skilled screeder can build a sturdy sub-floor, which provides adequate support for your new floor.

Finding the Right Screeder.

According to a recent survey conducted by PropertyWire, about 10 percent of home owners become victims of unprofessional constructors, who don’t deliver what they promise. Most of these people will spend hundreds or thousands of pounds to repair various defects. To avoid falling victim to scams, you need a professional, reliable screeder. How can you find him? By simply checking:

  • Reputation – Always look for contractors with Associate level accreditation, which confirms excellent knowledge and skills. Contractors who have also signed up to the Government TrustMark scheme give additional reassurance, as all the members of this organisation must undergo an extensive evaluation in order to achieve a passing score. [divide]
  • Experience – Since residential renovation projects are different from commercial ones, a contractor’s portfolio along with customer testimonials should indicate extensive experience in residential construction for the best outcomes to be achieved. [divide]
  • Costs – Quotes, type of equipment, screeding materials and technologies along with start and end dates are important variables that affect the final cost of a home improvement project. For instance, fast-drying and self-levelling screeds typically used in short-term projects are more expensive than traditional screeds, negatively affecting the initial cost estimate. [divide]
  • Guarantee – A screeding contractor’s guarantee can cover faulty materials and workmanship, but only as long as the company is trading. TrustMark offers guarantee schemes that back up contractors’ guarantees, covering work even when business activities close down.

About the author.

HomeScreed is a subsidiary of CSC Screeding, an independent company that has been offering floor screeding and under-floor heating solutions for more than 25 years. HomeScreed is currently providing a wide range of services, exclusively developed for the residential market, focusing on innovative value engineering solutions that enable customers to make the most of their investment.

Regardless of whether your screeding project is small or large, HomeScreed experts are ready to answer any questions you may have, and offer free professional advice, quotes, and estimates. To get in touch with them, you are invited to call 0845 500 4055 or use their contact form.


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