Heelys can be a fun, safe way to play

By Pippa Thompson

Most parents of children aged five and over will have come across Heelys: the trainer style shoe with the skateboard-like wheel in the heel. The Heely, in brief, is a cool looking skate-shoe, available in every conceivable colour and pattern, that enables kids to transform an ordinary walk into a much more lively and interesting journey altogether.

Kids never need reasons to want Heelys, that they are “awesome” is reason enough. For parents, the purchase might need just a little more consideration…so here are a few things worth knowing:

Heelys can provide kids with an opportunity to exercise, without even realising they are doing so! It turns a chore into play! The health benefits of getting up and going outdoors to “heel” are an attractive incentive for parents considering buying a pair for their child.

Heelys can take some getting used to, just as with rollerskating, so start slowly and don’t expect the experience to be as easy as walking. Beginners’ Heelys are available with two wheels in each shoe, to make getting used to them a little easier. The extra wheel can be removed as skill improves.

To make the Heelys experience as fun as it should be, you should always ensure that your child is equipped with the right protective gear. Just as with any sports item that incorporates wheels, the Heely requires balance and falls can occur; it makes sense to team the shoes with helmets and pads to help to prevent injury.

The Heelys wheel pops in and out easily so it can be removed when approaching roads, crowds or gravelly and uneven surfaces, allowing the wearer to walk safely to a better skating area.

One final draw for parents is that the design and construction of the Heelys shoe itself is equal to that of any high-end branded skate shoe, meaning it provides comfortable and fashionable footwear that children enjoy wearing, even when the wheel has been safely pocketed!

For more information visit www.skatehut.co.uk.

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