How to: Become an App-y Couple

By Ellyn Peratikou

Were you previously of the impression that, mobile phones and electronic devices just get in the way of a relationship and usually cause more harm than good? Think again.

Here are some apps that can, believe it or not, inject some fun into your relationship:

Kahnoodle, Free

If your relationship needs freshening up, use Kahnoodle for reminders of special things you can do to keep your partner happy, and ideas of where to go on dates. Create a wish-list of things you’d like to do together, so your man really has no excuse not to know! Show each other affection by rewarding one another with ‘love coupons’, give ‘kudos’ to say thank you, and ‘IOUs’ for a fair relationship!

Avocado, Free

Keep your favourite person as close to you as your phone, Avocado allows you to send messages and photos, and share lists and calendars securely between you – you can even share your shopping list, so no more over-stocking or forgetting items! If you want to show your fun, creative side, send a quick sketch, and when you want to show some love, send hugs and kisses!

 LaDiDa, £1.99

Want to serenade your loved one, but need a little help with your vocals? This reverse karaoke app tunes your voice to the correct notes and adds studio-quality effects to make your voice sound even better than it already is! All you need to do is choose your style, then sing or rap into your phone, and LaDiDa does the rest. Send your recording over to your partner for a guaranteed smile.

 Couple, Free

A social media site for two – not only can you stay connected with your loved one, a private timeline builds to record all your lovey dovey moments too. You can also ThumbKiss™ by touching the same spot on your phones to make them vibrate simultaneously (n’aww!), and send ‘secrets’ to each other too, which are photos that only appear for a certain amount of time so you ensure they’re being viewed by your partner’s eyes only!

Truth or dare for couples, 69p

You know the questions you wouldn’t dare ask your partner normally? Well, this app gives you permission to ask them, and because you’re not coming up with the questions yourself, it’s somehow acceptable. Play the game, tell intimate truths and do cheeky dares!

Tokii, Free

Guiding you through the different stages of your relationship, this app provides games and advice to take your relationship to the next level! Whether you’ve just met, are newlyweds, or have been together for years, facts and statistics will help ensure your relationship is always kept in perspective. The app’s MoodMeter also lets you tell your partner exactly how you’re feeling and how they make you feel.

Karma sutra, various apps and prices

Enough said.


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