How to bring a Keder greenhouse into your life

By Jade Harding

Greenhouse gardening is one of the most stable ways of gardening, it allows you to control the elements. We all know how unpredictable the weather in this country can be, any drastic or unforeseen changes in the weather patterns can be detrimental to outdoor plants. Storm Doris springs to mind.

Keder greenhouses are proven to withstand wind speeds in excess of 120mph We all strive for improved food security and environmental stability in our own small way, however with the amount of conflicting information regarding what’s good for you or not, how much of what you should eat, how the environment is damaged by external factors, fuel pollution etc. Let’ alleviate most of those concerns and produce our own chemical free, mileage free food. Keder greenhouses are UK manufactured from recyclable materials.

We don’t know how the political climate / uncertainty will affect our personal budgets, with the average household spend on food being 11% of the weekly expenditure (re: office for National stats 2014 survey) we need to make the most of the resources we could have. A 79p packet of seeds can give you a season’s worth of cut and crop again salads rather than spending each week £3 – £5.00 on bagged salad (and that’s before shrinkflation has kicked in) to help with your 5 (oops I mean 10!) per day recommendation. You can expect an increase of up to 15% yield over some structures by growing in a Keder as it extends the seasons due to its thermal retention.

The health benefits of growing your own produce can’t be overvalued, not only can you have chemical free food you are active whilst tending to your crops. It can be exercise suited to anyone, from light watering to double digging deep beds, all done in the comfort of a greenhouse, similar concept to being undercover in a gym, but you get something yummy at the end of the session.

You can engage the younger generation to understand where their food comes from and encourage a healthy active lifestyle (you may be able to get them away from the PlayStation for 10mins) Growing your own has been proven to encourage children to have a keen interest in trying what they have grown. Keder greenhouses are one of the safest structures on the market and last between 15 and 26 years with virtually no maintenance.

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