How to… build a compost bin

By Ellyn Peratikou

Make a compost bin to achieve the satisfaction of turning kitchen and garden waste, into rich, crumbly compost. This will make your plants and crops thrive – so keep them, and your local landfill site, happy. A compost bin is easy to build, and cleaner and more convenient than a compost pile. Whether you’ve been meaning to build one for a long time or very recently got the green fingers, there’s no excuse to procrastinate. Here are instructions on building a general-purpose bin, which can even be used on a porch or patio, as well as a yard-waste-only bin. 

1.Think carefully Decide on the location and size of your compost bin. It should be big enough to be worthwhile, but small enough to handle the compost easily. A cubic metre should do the trick. Place the bin within reach of the kitchen – in winter it may be tempting to bin leftovers rather than brace the chill of the garden. Check out the soil, too, as it’s important to attract worms, woodlice and other creatures that like to eat your throwaways.

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