How to choose a bag to suit your needs

By Pippa Thompson

When choosing a handbag, as well as thinking about how beautifully crafted it is, or that the luxury leather is what you’ve been looking for, the practicalities are just as important as the cosmetics. Bags are a fashion statement, yet if they just end up sat hidden in your wardrobe because it doesn’t accommodate your laptop properly, or because your belongings are getting swallowed up in an oversized bag, it defeats the point. So, below I have put together some common scenarios and individual profiles followed by a couple of bag styles you should be using for each.

The Working Women
Although we don’t like to admit it, we spend the majority of our lives at work. Choosing the correct handbag to transport your possessions in is crucial. It has to look good and professional (obviously!) but it also has to be suitable for carrying expensive and personal belongings, as most people nowadays have a work laptop and or iPad and work phones. Not to mention your own electrical devices, such as an iPod or simply your phone, to keep you entertained on your commute or drive to work. Furthermore, in order to organise everything so you don’t spend ages rummaging around just to look for your gum (guilty of this) it is good to have a bag with compartments.

This is where the Triple Compartment Shoulder Bag comes into play. With this bag, you can compartmentalise your make-up from you electricals, keys, book and work notes, making your working day easier! On the flipside, the Laptop Tote is just as effective yet more suitable for a commuter, someone who travels light to work and only takes in necessities. These examples are also useful for university and college students.

*Twanky Bags offer a great Tote bag perfect for the working woman!*

The Explorative Traveller
City travellers need to pack light but efficiently. Carrying important tickets, ID, keys, phone, wallet, camera and water with you are a priority. Aside from that, it has to be strong, durable, waterproof if possible, and practical (assuming you leave your backpack at wherever you’re staying!).This shoulder satchel is perfect as it covers all these things, and also has compartments, so when you’re quickly asked for your ID in a queue, you know where to look! If you prefer carrying the weight on your back and having your hands free, this leather rucksack is ideal.

The Manic Mum
When you’re out and about with your little ones, it can be a bit of a juggling act! So make your life easier by ensuring you have both hands accessible. In order to do that, you must have an over the shoulder handbag. This large tote bag is ideal for busy mums on the go as it does just that! It also has a magnetic fastener which means you can push things in your bag efficiently if you need to grab your little one quickly (no fiddly zips). Lastly, it’s large enough to accommodate a bib, dummy or their favourite toy (as well as your go to lippy!), so if you’re only dashing out to run an erring or get some milk, you don’t have to lug around a separate bag for your little’n. Sorted.

*Twanky bags we offer a large indulgent tote, which would accommodate all busy mums, as well as looking stylish on the go!*

The Shopper
Whether you’re shopping manically for last minute presents, having a casual wander round the shops or if you’re having a blowout because you got a bonus, the last thing you need is your bag to be chunky and heavy, making your trip feel like a workout rather than a day out.

There are a number of suitable bags. One tip: always take a shoulder bag or an over the shoulder strap bag, your hands need to be free to shop! This tan cross the body bag is a good size as it is big enough to fit in your necessities yet it prevents you from over filling it. Yet if you are only shopping for a few bits and you want to put them in your bag (we know how annoying shopping bags can get) this large over the shoulder tote bag is just what you need.

This buckle strap fold bag is ideal if you’re window shopping then heading out for a lunch date, as the strap is removable turning into a clutch.

*Twanky Bags offer a sophisticated double leather satchel and an everyday success tote, perfect for shopping! Or if you are just heading out for lunch, their out to lunch clutch is ideal*

The Overnighter/Weekend Getaway and Exercise
Whether you’re going away for the weekend, staying round a friend’s house or even just going to the gym or a swim, duffle bags are a great alternative to a suitcase if you’re only travelling light. Conclusively, they are ideal to carry your two day outfits or your kit.


This Midway weekender duffle bag is so unique and cute -it has a separate shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag. It is spacious enough for a couple of outfits, and makes sure you don’t over pack. It has pockets so you can organise your belongings accordingly followed by an adjustable strap and is waterproof. This standard strap duffle bag is more suitable for the gym or pool as it is a little smaller.

About the Author:
Debbie is an experienced businesswoman, marketer and business & marketing coach and the owner and creator of Twanky Bags. Twanky Bags is the realisation of a dream to produce her own bespoke range of handmade bags by taking an everyday necessity and bringing it to life, making it special, fun and customised just for you.

Follow the link to her website, you’ll also find Twanky Bags on Facebook!

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