How to choose the right garden building

By Pippa Thompson

A garden building can be a fantastic addition to any home and if you make the right choice of building, you could have the dream space that you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a space to use as a home office, for storage, or a room to indulge in your favourite hobbies, then a garden building can give you the space that you crave.

Choosing the right garden building can be quite a difficult task. Here the team behind Waltons have created this guide to help you choose the right garden building.

Decide what you are planning on using the building for
The first step to choosing the right kind of garden building is to decide exactly what you are going to use the building for. For example garden sheds are most suited for storage, whereas a summerhouse or log cabin is a space most suited for hobbies, work or entertaining.

Assess your outdoor space
A garden building whether it be a small shed or a large log cabin, will need to be placed on a solid, flat and level base. Have a look at your space will you need to get it levelled out? Do you need to clear the space? If so ensure that you factor this in your timescale and budget.

You should check and measure your outdoor space before beginning your search so that you have a clear idea of the size building that you need.

Tip for measuring your outside space: Write down your measurements in both feet and metres, Waltons give both measurements and all dimensions of buildings to help you choose which building is best for you.

Perfect for use as a bottom of the garden sanctuary, craft space, man cave or she shed.

If you want a building that you can turn into your personal sanctuary where you can escape during the warmer months, then a wooden summerhouse would be a great option.

Wooden summerhouses are like big garden sheds with large windows and some even have a veranda attached, perfect for someone seeking a space of their own. Waltons summerhouses are made in the UK from FSC certified timber and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Log cabins
All year round building perfect for use as a home office, extra living area, entertaining space or even as your own garden pub!

A log cabin is ideal if you are looking for a building which you can use all year round. Waltons log cabins come with an option of double glazed windows, 44m cladding and insulation. You can also make them really cosy by adding log burners and solar panels.

Potting shed
Great for general garden storage and as a space to grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables.

A potting shed is usually a combination style building which looks like a traditional garden shed with a wooden greenhouse attached. The combination style design of the building means that you can still have storage space in the garden alongside a space that you can work in and enjoy.

Garden shed
Ideal for storing garden tools, furniture, bikes and bits and bobs from the house.

A garden shed is a very versatile building and is most commonly used for garden storage. A great thing about garden sheds is that you can get them in either wooden, plastic or metal. Your choice of shed will depend on the size of your garden, your intended use and how much time you want to spend maintaining the shed.

Waltons have lots to choose from and their large product range is designed to suit a variety of needs and budgets. To help you narrow down your choice, check out the Waltons ‘Which shed is right for me?‘ quiz.

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