How to choose the right nebuliser

By Pippa Thompson

If you have a lung disease such as COPD you may be prescribed medication to use with a nebuliser.

However, nebuliser devices are not available on prescription and you may need to purchase one yourself.

Your GP or respiratory healthcare professional can help you, but there are very many nebulisers to choose from and making an informed decision can be overwhelming.

You should ask yourself the following questions when choosing a nebuliser:

  • Am I only going to use it at home, or do I want to travel with it?

If only using it at home you should choose a mains-only machine such as the PARI TurboBOY SX. If you want to take it with you when you go out for the day, or go on holiday, you may wish to choose a small, battery-operated device such as the PARI BOY Mobile S.

  • Is the time it takes important to me?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time using your nebuliser, a fast machine will give you more free time. However, the quality of the aerosol (‘mist’) produced is also important. Factors such as aerosol droplet size can greatly affect how much medication is actually delivered. You could have a very quick treatment but not receive all the medication into your lungs. PARI nebulisers are ‘breath-enhanced’, which means that more medication is delivered when you breathe in, resulting in less wastage when breathing out. This results in a fast but efficient treatment.

  • Do I need to nebulise viscous medication such as antibiotics?

Nebulised antibiotics can be very thick and sticky and you would therefore need a device that is capable of nebulising these.

  • Is reliability important to me?

A reliable device will last you for many years so it’s important to choose well. PARI have been developing nebulisers for over 100 years and are renowned for their high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ products.

The PARI TurboBOY SX is robust, easy to maintain and has a 4-year guarantee.

For more information on PARI nebulisers visit


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