How to choose the right paint when you suffer with allergies

By Pippa Thompson

For allergy sufferers the selection of products, in all walks of life, is often more difficult due to the many potential additives and ingredients, which might trigger allergic reactions.

Whether it is food, make-up, furniture or paints, it is extremely important for everyone, not just allergy sufferers, to be aware of the potentially toxic and/or irritant components in everyday products. Keim Mineral Paints understand this struggle and pride themselves on both their products and the advice they can give to people, especially in selecting the right paint.

The first thing which they would advise, is to look at the VOC content of paint materials. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds – these are a range of chemicals within the paint mixture which are volatile, meaning that at room temperature, they will turn into a gas as soon as they are exposed.

This process is known as off-gassing and is why you get such a potent smell from some paints when you open them – the chemicals are turning into a gas straight away, meaning they can be breathed straight into your body, and this process can even continue after the paint is on the wall and the smell has gone.

The term ‘organic’ is often seen to have a positive meaning, people are used to buying organic vegetables, but in a chemical product the term organic means that the chemical is carbon based and therefore made from petrochemicals, which are not so good. There are a wide range of these compounds in different paint materials, and some have more toxic effects than others, but it is important to limit, or ideally completely eliminate, these materials from the paint you choose.

The next thing to do is to check whether any paint contains the additives too which you are particularly sensitive. All product manufacturers should be able to tell you what is in their materials and then you can judge whether they are right for you. In the past few years, Keim have been increasingly asked about the MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) content in paints, this is due to a huge increase in the number of products (particularly beauty products) containing the materials and people understanding the potentially adverse reactions it can cause people.

Keim would then advise that people use online resources available, such as Allergy UK, to identify products which have undergone independent testing to ensure they are suitable for people with allergies. By ensuring independent testing you will be reassuring yourself that the products are going to be suitable for you and won’t contain any potential ‘nasties’, which could trigger allergic reactions.

And lastly, they would advise to look for products which are going to have a positive impact on your internal environment. Keim Ecosil-ME (interior mineral paint), not only ticks all of the above boxes being VOC free, having no MIT added and having Allergy Friendly Product Certification, but it also helps to remove pollutants from other sources from the internal air space.

The product is a photocatalytic paint and this means that it uses light to neutralise airborne pollutants, which come into contact with the painted surface. So, where it is not possible to completely eradicate other sources of VOCs – the paint will be working in the background to help improve air quality. Available in a vast range of colours, Keim Ecosil-ME is a beautiful paint finish ideal for everyone, including chemically sensitive people and allergy sufferers.

For more information, colour cards and to buy Keim Mineral Paints please contact or give them a call on 01952 231250 their dedicated team of sales staff will be happy to help.


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