How to fit a pocket door

By Pippa Thompson

So you’ve decided to fit a pocket door in your home, but where do you start?

First of all, it is crucial to choose a high quality sliding pocket door system that is easy to install and you don’t have to replace in the future.

When picking the perfect door, always make sure that you consider things like the space it is going into, the look and style you want, as well as the thickness and weight of the door. Doing your research and selecting the best products is key to a pocket door that will last for the life of your home.

To help you add a unique feature and create that extra space, here is our 3 step guide to fitting a pocket door using P C Henderson’s Pocket Door kit.

STEP 1: Fitting the hardware

  • Mark the centre point and required height at either side of the aperture. Pinpoint and screw into position the guide screws that will be used to locate the steel stud support brackets. Use the manual provided to determine dimensions.
  • Use the track and head assemble as a template to mark the position of the first stud insert bracket that will be used to construct and support your cavity frame. Outline another area for the second bracket halfway between the cavity areas and mark the pilot holes. Drill and screw the insert brackets into place.

STEP 2: Hanger assembly

  • Insert the first clip stop followed by the hangers into the track ensuring the curved ends face the end of the track in order to engage the clip stop. Put the last clip stop into the track.
  • Fit the head assembly brackets on both sides using the guide screws fitted earlier. Now hang the track head assembly on the brackets and secure with the screws provided. Once in place, fit the uprights and screw to the lintel assembly. Use a spirit level to ensure the track and uprights are level.
  • Mark the pilot holes to position the guide and then drill and screw into place.

STEP 3: Securing the door

  • Mark the position of the apron plates which should be 160mm from each end of the top of the door. Set the pilot holes, drill and screw the plates into place.
  • Attach the door by connecting the apron plates with the hanger bolts ensuring the door is hanging at the correct height for your installation i.e. take into account the type of flooring.
  • Once the system is running smoothly, tighten the locking nuts to finalise the door height and screw the clip stops into their final position. Do not over tighten or force the screws.
  • Screw the stop into the frame to prevent the door from hitting the wall.
  • Mark your desired door handle and finger pull positions. Drill a 48mm hole for the handle and a 25mm hole for the finger pull, ensuring the finger pull position is higher or lower than the handle to retain the door’s strength. Use some adhesive to secure the pull in place.

Additional accessories including locks, handles, soft stop and simultaneous action for double doors are available for this system. For more information visit

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