How to get creative with your used yogurt pots, with Yeo Valley

By Pippa Thompson

Yeo Valley’s garden team are asking you to get creative with your used yogurt pots!

When you finish that last spoonful of yogurt from the bottom of the pot, you don’t have to head straight to the bin.

Yeo Valley pots are the perfect size and shape for growing young seedlings, giving a new lease of life to your empty pots and providing a great activity for little ones.

According to the National Trust, fewer than one in ten children play in wild places, compared to over half a generation ago. It’s fun for kids to get outside and enjoy nature. So grab your wellies, pull on your bobble hats and get out of the house!

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-11-35-16All you need is a handful of gravel layered at the bottom of your pot to improve drainage and a top up with soil. Choose plants that are fast-growing – radishes sprout quickly and are found in a rainbow of colours. Giant sunflowers and leggy runner beans speedily grow skywards! Or, grow herbs such as basil or camomile to keep on your windowsill or throw in to recipes.

If you put your seed next to the outer wall of the plastic pot you can watch the roots develop and the sprout begin to grow. A magic glimpse into the world under the soil, making gardening with children extra fun.

Remember to water frequently and keep in a sunny place, on your windowsill in winter or outside in warmer months.

If you’re feeling inspired, hang your yogurt pot plant pots from an external wall to create your very own living wall, perfect for urban spaces or as nature’s very own growing gallery!

Fun Fact: the largest seed in the world is the double coconut that measures up to 50 cm around the middle. They float on water because they have a waterproof fibre coating and a big air space inside. Some drift over 2000km across the sea before reaching dry land!

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