How to get things moving when medical treatment goes wrong

By Pippa Thompson

Where to start?

Find expert solicitors who specialise in clinical negligence claims. You wouldn’t see a dentist for a broken leg, so calling a solicitor who specialises in accidents at work if medical treatment or surgery has gone wrong wouldn’t be advisable.

What should I have to hand?

When you first speak, all they really need to know is what happened, when it happened and how it has affected you. It may be that you’re enquiring on behalf of a loved one or perhaps, a relative who has died, but whatever the circumstances, the more information you have, the more helpful it is and the better the advice they can provide.

How much?

If you have a claim and you want them to investigate further for you, there are a number of methods of funding a clinical negligence claim available and the only methods that they use at Chadwick Lawrence, won’t cost you anything ‘up front’. Very briefly, these are;

Legal Aid- Is still available, but only for children who suffer severe disability caused by neurological damage during labour, birth or in the first 8 weeks of the child’s life.

Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Better known as ‘No Win No Fee’. Originally designed to replace Legal Aid and has been available for more than 15 years. It is now one of the most commonly used methods of funding a legal claim. It’s available to everybody, regardless of how much you earn or have in the bank and credit history isn’t relevant. Chadwick Lawrence deal with complex claims using CFA’s on a daily basis and have done so since CFA’s were first introduced. They haven’t had a single complaint from a client in all that time.

Legal Expense Insurance– Many people are unaware that their motor policy, household policies or other insurance policies may contain ‘Legal Expense’ cover. Insurers may have included this free of charge and it may be that you have cover for costs by that route. Chadwick Lawrence will check this for you and ensure that if you have suitable cover, they make use of it.

There are no financial barriers to making a reasonable claim in the UK. If you’re concerned that something has gone wrong with your medical treatment, feel free to get in touch and they can help you get the answers to your questions. After all, clinical negligence is all they do.

Chadwick Lawrence LLP Tel: 0800 028 2969 or email

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