How to halve your utility bills.

By Ellyn Peratikou

Rising energy bills are a growing concern for almost everyone; each year bills are rising by around 10% and until now you have been at the mercy of your energy provider. However, there is a simple solution . . . why not start generating your own electricity?

“How” you ask?

Well, solar panels are a great way of saving you a fortune on your electricity bills, and being able to get them for FREE means they are affordable for everyone.

On average households with solar panels are paying 50% less on their annual electricity bills than their neighbours, so with costs set to rise just imagine how much money they will save over the next 40 years.

A Shade Greener are the UK’s largest provider of free solar panels and since 2010 we have installed panels on over 40,000 homes across England and Wales. So why not join our A Shade Greener family and start saving today!

A Hassle free install

A Shade Greener pride ourselves on our hassle free solar installs, and that’s why we have built our application process on just a few simple steps. This means our customers always know exactly where they stand, and what to expect next.  Applying for free solar really is that simple!

Make the most out of your panels

Here at A Shade Greener we like to look after our customers even after install by helping them make the most out of their solar panels. Our online account allows customers to view how much electricity their solar panels are generating. However, in order to make the most out of their free electricity many of our customers use an OWL energy monitor, which allows them to track their electricity usage and discover how using different appliances affects their energy bills. This in turn helps our customers to reduce their energy bills even more.

Well, you already know how to halve your energy bills, so what are you waiting for?

Our free solar panels are available to anyone, so apply now!

Halving your bills really is that simple!

About the author.

Allan Burns ( contributes to the A Shade Greener blog, a source of advice, tips and analysis for renewables and energy saving. Visit the A Shade Greener blog( to find out how the UK’s leading provider of free solar is helping homes and businesses save money by going green.

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