How to make Dancer the dazzling reindeer photo frame tree decoration

By Pippa Thompson

You and your kids can make an adorable home made reindeer frame to hang on the tree with an even more adorable photo inside!

You will need from your store cupboard:

  • 4 Lollypop sticks
  • Paper
  • Brown paint
  • Red pom pom
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Red string
  • PVA Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Your favourite photo



Step 1


Cut out a head and tail from the plain paper.
Paint all four lollypop sticks, the pipe cleaners and the head & tail brown then wait for the paint to dry.


Step 2

Use the glue to stick the lollipop sticks together to make a frame.
Why not try other shapes such as a star or tree? The choice is yours!


Step 3

Cut out your favourite photo and use the glue to attach it from behind.
Tie a small length of the paper string to the lollipop frame and it’s ready to hang on your Christmas tree!


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