How to refresh your brickwork

By Pippa Thompson

Dyebrick is available as an easy to use brick tinting kit for masonry, it dyes the surface, rather than coating it with a heavy film like most masonry paints.

Their brick tinting products are water based, colourfast and will not alter the texture or the physical properties of your masonry.

Before trying Dyebrick tinting kit you will need to find out what colour you require. Colour choices can be seen here. You can also see what other customers have done with many of the different colours.

Dyebrick recommends trying sample pots first, to assess the effects and the compatibility with your brick type. Sample pots can be purchased here.

The samples can be blended with each other to produce a wider range of colours. All samples come with full instructions for use.

Once you are happy with your choice of colours, you are now ready to order the Brick Tinting Kits.

The Dyebrick Brick Tinting Kit is a three-part mixing system which is as easy as ABC!




  • Add clean water (drinking quality) to the mixing vessel.
  • Add all the contents of the Carrier Solution (pot A) to the water.
  • Add all the pigment powder (pot B) and stir well using the test application brush provided.
  • Add one of the pots of Fixing Agent (pot C).
  • Stir well or shake the contents. If shaking, make sure the lid is fully fixed and held during this procedure.
  • The product is now ready for use. This is your initial colour tint when the colour is at its strongest shade.

For more information on Dyebrick products please visit

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