How to Thrive with Diabetes!

By Pippa Thompson

Managing diabetes can seem like a constant uphill battle, but there are ways and means that can make living with diabetes not only easier but rewarding too. Following this simple plan could lead you to start thriving with your diabetes!

Dario™ is dragging diabetes management into the 21st century. Harnessing the massive potential of your Smart Phone and turning it into a Smart Blood Glucose Meter and an all-in-one diabetes management tool. Take control and Dario yourself to better health using a host of intuitive and convenient features within both the app and the device itself.


Put Dario in your pocket and be consistent. Dario is slim, light and designed to be stress free; holding everything you need within itself. Finger-pricker, lancets, strips and reader in the palm of your hand. Use this to your advantage and test regularly! Don’t worry, Dario can remind you if you forget!

Keep counting those carbs. Dario is connected to Fat Secrets, the world’s largest online food database. Track all of your meals with ease by simply searching, selecting and adding to your log. Even take photos of your food to share with others!

Exercise counts! Dario works with RunKeeper™ to automatically calculate your calories burnt, and add those to your logs too. Don’t forget that exercise influences your glucose levels directly, both in the short term and long term, and can make a difference to the amount of insulin you may need to take!

Insulin on the go! Let Dario do the hard work for you! Using all the data you have already logged Dario can calculate the insulin you might need and suggest that to you. The mobile insulin calculator is an invaluable addition to the life of the 21st century diabetic.



Loved ones. Dario stores your data on the cloud, making sharing easy. A loved one can see your results, logs and stats remotely and in real-time through shared access to your account, brilliant for peace of mind. Dario can even send out an emergency message to a selected contact if a glucose result falls too low!

Healthcare Professionals. Download your data as an easy to read PDF. From here it can be emailed through to caregivers and healthcare professionals for analysis, speeding up the caregiving process and enabling highly targeted feedback!


Results! Follow these steps and stay consistent! The Dario makes it easy! The results will come, and quicker than you may think. Using its ability to estimate your HbA1c, Dario can provide you with a unique insight into your successful diabetes management giving you the confidence you need to continue living happily and healthily!

Visit to pick up your Dario Smart Meter!


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