How to tone-up without even moving

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power vibration_plate_03_08_12How to tone-up without even moving

Some welcome news for those who’d like firm tums, arms and… bums without even setting foot on a treadmill. The Power Plate is the passive exercise for those who’d like to tone up by simple standing there.

It may sound too good to be true. But with celebrities such as Madonna and Jonathan Ross firm advocates of the machine, many find it does the toning trick. They’ve been around nearly ten years, but what are they are and what they do may still remain a mystery to you…

What is it? The Power Plate is a vibrating platform which can used as a piece of exercise equipment, as part of a workout or on its own. The history of this equipment actually originates in a Russian space program, in which scientist Vladimir Nazarov discovered that applying vibration to the astronauts’ bodies prevented bone and muscle wastage when they were in space. The technique is known as muscle-activation, and has been transformed into a commercial model: the Power Plate.

What do I do on a Power Plate? This is up to individuals. Some people simply stand there, or lie down and let the vibrating platform work its magic, but there are a host of positions you can hold to focus in on particular muscles. For instance, holding a squatting position will work your calf and thigh muscles; whereas holding a sit-up crunch position will work your abs.

The manufacturers claim that a 12-minute session of the platform, provides the same benefits as a 90-minute energetic gym workout. And what’s more, you needn’t break a sweat, with many Power Plate users using the machine in the lunch break!

Passive exercise? No sweat, with this machine… 

Picture credit: Power Plate

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