How to treat verrucas in five simple steps

By Pippa Thompson

Avoca is a simple to use home treatment for getting rid of verrucas, available from your pharmacy. 

The product should be applied once a day for six days. The easy to follow video below ‘how to use the pencil’ should be watched before starting.

You can view more on wart and verruca treatment at

Verruca treatment tips:

  1. Using the emery board provided, remove the hard layer on the surface of the verruca.
  2. Make sure that only the tip of the pencil is introduced into the water droplet, it will last longer.
  3. Do not rub or press the pencil onto the verruca, just transfer the liquid onto it.
  4. Have plenty of tissues available to ensure that none of the liquid gets spilt on surrounding furniture or clothes to avoid staining.
  5. Dry the pencil tip with a tissue after each treatment, to avoid water getting trapped between the tip and the case.

If you have any questions please call Bray, on 01367 240736.

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