How to update your home with chalk paint

By Pippa Thompson

Fox and Bear Studio recommend chalk paint because it’s so easy to use. It requires little to no preparation – no sanding or priming is needed. This cuts out all the hard work and time that people assume goes into furniture restoration – anyone can have a go and get amazing results.

Chalk paint adheres to wood no matter what it’s previously been painted with. You can even use it on MDF, which is a material somewhat renowned for needing priming! Other materials include metal, plastic, fabric, leather, glass, laminate and melamine… Its applications are endless!

So, how do you go about it?

Select a piece of furniture you have, or if you’re unsure about painting a treasured piece of furniture, for your first attempt why not go out to a charity shop and buy a little piece for practicing on?

All it takes is two coats of chalk paint (in two shades if you so wish), a quick sand to distress your piece (up to you how worn you want to make it look), and a coat of our lacquer to seal (much easier than wax). And voila! A beautiful new addition to your home to update & uplift it.

Whether it’s your dining table, an old bookcase you’re not so fond of, a cute little coffee or bedside table that you wish was a little more of a statement, or even a fabric chair (here’s your quick & easy alternative to reupholstering), its easy.

If you’re not looking to update your furniture, but still fancy a lovely little DIY project, why not buy some cheap ornate frames (think local pound shop) and paint them up in chalk to create a stunning feature wall of framed photos? Remember chalk also paints on glass & metal, so if there are any old vases and containers lurking in the cupboard under the sink, it’s time to give them a new lease of life.

And the really good news is the range at Fox & Bear Studio doesn’t end at paint! They have three different ranges of furniture papers, stencils and texture pastes to complement their paints, for those of you who are feeling a little more adventurous!

They have some informative how-to videos on their website ( and Youtube Account which are well worth a watch before you start.




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