How to wrap the perfect gift!

By Ellyn Peratikou

You’ve found the perfect gift, you have the perfect wrapping paper and all you have to do is wrap it.

The best place to start is with the wrapping paper, thicker paper works best as it creases nicely and doesn’t tear as easily, it also comes in handy if you’re wrapping something oddly shaped but you may have found the lovely paper that you couldn’t put down, but it’s a little on the thin side it’s nothing to worry about, the best option in both cases is to find a box to fit your gift in. Everyone loves a gift wrapped box!

To measure the amount of paper you need, set the present in the centre of your paper and make sure you have enough to take two sides and make them meet in the middle, with a little extra to spare. If the ends being folded in are too long, trim the excess now rather than later.  Cut your wrapping paper and flip the gift, so that the top is facing down and bring one side of the paper up and secure with a little tape. If the edge of the paper on the other side is a little uneven, simply fold over and you will have a nice crisp edge. Fold this side over the centre, pulling gently so the present is wrapped tightly and secure with tape.

Folding the ends depends on the shape and size of the box, for larger boxes if you hold the seam towards you and fold both ends in towards the centre, the tops and the bottom flaps become triangular. As you bring them towards the centre, fold them against the box and crease well and secure with tape. For smaller or thinner boxes, fold the first edge down against the end of the box. With the triangular flaps, bring them towards the centre and crease well, folding the edge of the seamless flap up you get a nice crisp edge.

Now you’re present is wrapped you can get creative with ribbons and twine, there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your presents it just takes a little practice and why not have some fun while doing it.

Happy wrapping!


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