Last minute Halloween costumes for kids

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pirate boy_30_10_12If your Halloween traditions generally involve a last-minute dash to the kids’ aisle in your nearest supermarket, and outfit choices are dictated by whatever costume you can prise from the other frantic shoppers’ hands, it’s time for a new tactic: with one day to go, you can still make your own – a DIY effort doesn’t have to mean sewing all night.


Start by borrowing a pair of an older sibling/cousin/ friend’s older brother’s trousers – preferably brown, black or grey – baggy is the key here. If this is impossible to organise, sacrifice an old pair of trousers by cutting them off just below the knee, the more ragged the better, and use a belt with a big buckle to hold them up (dad’s or yours is fine).

For girls, any striped skirt will do – why not try wearing two for added layers?

Pair with a white school shirt or tee shirt. Tie a scarf, bandanna or spare piece of material over your child’s head to cover their hair. Next, draw a cutlass on cardboard and cut it out. Cover the blade in tinfoil for an authentic glint. And last but not least, add a fake beard to boys with black eye liner or brown eyebrow pencil. Ahoy matey!


This is really simple to do, although four pairs of children’s black tights will need to be sacrificed. Stuff each leg of the tights with kitchen towel, tissue or toilet roll until it is full and ‘leg-like’. Cut off each leg at the upper thigh, leaving some excess material at the top for attaching. Meanwhile dress your child in black leggings and a black t-shirt. The waistband of the tights can now be used as a spidery headband. All that is left to do is sew (or safety pin) four strategically placed legs on each side of the child (try two legs on the tights, two on the t-shirt for balance). And voila! Incy wincy spider is ready to trick or treat


A variation of the spider above, this only requires one stuffed tight leg to be pinned or sewn onto tights in the correct tail position. Pair with a black top, and pick up a cheap pair of cats ears. If you can’t find any, you can create a DIY version using a black alice band and some black paper/cardboard. Whiskers can be drawn on in eyeliner and lipstick can be used for a pretty pink nose. Here comes the cat that got all the cream (or in this case, the candy!).

Egyptian Mummy

Be prepared to use LOTS of white toilet roll for this one. Make sure you dress your aspiring mummy in tight-fitting clothes such as white or black tights and a vest. From here you are on a roll – grab a leg and get wrapping! Once you have a good, tight covering of paper, add a few looser pieces that can blow in the wind. Cover their face in white face paint and colour their eye area in black (grey eyeshadow or smudged black eyeliner will do the trick). Finish off by wrapping a layer of toilet paper around their head and practising a few good mummy groans.

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