Making the most of your new floor

By Ellyn Peratikou

You don’t have to wait until you move into a new house to embellish your living space. You can do it right now and reap all the benefits. Where to start? Look down. Although flooring isn’t the first thing home owners think of when planning for a quick upgrade, replacing your old floor with a classic or modern choice can help you refresh your tired rooms and add value to your home. Here are three features you should consider before replacing your floor.

  1. Thermal insulation – Up to 30 percent of heat in homes is lost through the floor. Quite shocking, isn’t it? Since a well-insulated floor can keep your home warm and save you some money, you should seriously consider installing thermal insulation boards under your floor. Today, there is a wide variety of extruded polystyrene thermal insulation products designed specifically for domestic applications. If you are building your floor from scratch, it’s very important that you also install damp-proof membranes (DPMs) under the screed. These membranes deliver a reliable moisture barrier, which impedes rapid heat loss by preventing the moisture-rich, cold air from rising rise up and combining with the air inside your home.[divide]
  2. Under-floor heating – High comfort levels and unbeatable efficiency along with no space restrictions are just a few factors that have led to a growing demand for under-floor heating systems in the UK, a market that is currently growing at a steady pace of 20 percent per annum. All the surfaces and items in a room absorb heat from the floor, surrounding you with gently radiating surfaces for a very pleasant, comfortable ambience.[divide]
  3. Acoustic insulation – Are you worried about noise? Well, a vast range of floor soundproofing solutions can help you solve this issue. Special acoustic insulation products are able to reduce sound transmission, significantly improving living conditions. Additionally, installing a soundproofing solution will help improve acoustic performance of rooms, which may be important in specific applications.

About the author.

Regardless of whether you intend to install hardwood, floating, or engineered wood flooring, HomeScreed can help you make the most of your new floor. Our products and technologies can solve any thermal and acoustic insulation problems, while allowing home owners enjoy greater comfort at a fraction of the running cost of other heating systems. Contact HomeScreed for additional under-floor heating information.




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