On site – getting the plaster project right!

By Pippa Thompson

Italian or polished plaster wall finishes offer an original decorative option for your home, but how do you ensure the perfect result?

When working with application specialist, seek out testimonials or examples of previous work. This can be a good investment in your time to ensure a quality finished result.

Substrate preparation is absolutely essential to the success of the plaster finish. Any bumps, flares or imperfections in the wall will show through, so thorough surface preparations should be carried out before the specialists arrive on-site. Alternatively substrate skims can be considered, which include fibreglass strands, to ensure a smooth and crack-free finish.

The ideal substrate for polished plaster is plasterboard walls constructed in two sheets of 12.5mm plasterboard with overlapping joints. All sheets should be supported on all four edges, fixed vertically for straight walls and horizontally for curved walls. Other substrates are also suitable including brick, block, concrete, Glasroc and GRG, sand cement render, MDF or Bluclad – with differing requirements for correct preparation. Your specialist can assist with this.

Polished plaster can offer a unique opportunity to add your signature decorative finish to your home. Whether through an architect, interior designer or working directly with the specialist installer, the final result will be sure to increase the value and character of your design project.


About the author

Armourcoat has led the world developing polished plaster and high performance surface finishes. A global brand operating in over 70 countries, Armourcoat are committed to technical excellence. With an outstanding product range featuring recycled material and low VOCs, Armourcoat remain at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.


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