Polished plaster as modular panels for speed and impact

By Pippa Thompson

Polished or Italian plaster wall finishes are traditionally installed seamlessly – directly to the wall substrate. Modern application methods allow the finishes to be pre-applied onto modular panels and wall mounted. These finished panels can then create integrated systems or design statement single artwork pieces. The panels can be hung and removed as required, with no specialist installation necessary.

A finished panel provides a quick and mess-free installation. Often projects are under tight deadlines for completion, or it is impractical to have ‘wet’ plastering alongside other trades. Modular panels can be customised to suit the client, pre-fitted with coloured edge banding, sent directly to site and installed in a few hours.

Panels can be supplied with Z-clips to aid on-site installation. Z-clips provide fast installation and ease of handling, and also ensure the panels are demountable for access to services behind. The clips themselves are hidden by the secured panel with minimal build up between back of panel and substrate. Finally, panels can be installed and adjusted laterally and vertically for a perfect fit.


About the author

Armourcoat has led the world developing polished plaster and high performance surface finishes. A global brand operating in over 70 countries, Armourcoat are committed to technical excellence. With an outstanding product range featuring recycled material and low VOCs, Armourcoat remain at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.


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