Quality and value plaster – thinking about whole life costs

By Pippa Thompson

Italian or polished plaster wall finishes offer an original decorative option for your home, but how do costs compare with obvious choices such as wallpaper, vinyl wall coverings, traditional paint or even tiles?

Coverage rates costs will vary depending on choice of material, but for comparison, professional supply and apply of polished plaster can be as low as £65.00/m2. The price should be considered over the life of the finish, which if correctly installed, will last the life of the building itself. For an extreme example, polished plaster finishes were used thousands of years ago in ancient Rome and Egypt, with many surviving to this day!

Commercial specifers consider the ‘whole life cost’ of materials, which analyses the value of a material over the life span before replacement is required. Whilst paint or wallpaper is a cheaper outlay initially, typically they require regular maintenance programmes and complete refurbishments after several years. Quality can cost more, but will also provide a good investment which will pay back dividends for many years to come.


About the author

Armourcoat has led the world developing polished plaster and high performance surface finishes. A global brand operating in over 70 countries, Armourcoat are committed to technical excellence. With an outstanding product range featuring recycled material and low VOCs, Armourcoat remain at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.


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