Quick fixes, big results

By Jade Harding

Is your home in need of a facelift but you don’t have the time or the budget for a complete renovation? Take a look at these quick fixes that will update your living space with minimal fuss…

From upheaving your existing furniture to spending your pennies on paint, revamping your home can seem like a mammoth task. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

You can transform a room with just a few quick fixes, but you have to think ‘statement’! This could mean creating a feature wall, styling an elaborate centerpiece for your coffee table or even designing a photo frame mural.

Check out these three options and give your abode a new lease of life…

Create a feature wall

shutterstock_229338082A feature wall is a great way to make an impact in any room of your house. Start by finding the focal point of the space – where your eyes are drawn to as you walk into the room. Next decide how you want to style that point.

Covering with patterned wallpaper, stacking books vertically, putting a grand piece of artwork on the wall or even stencilling can all look fantastic. However, an interesting, cheap and quick alternative is spray painting.

Our celebrity editor and property and interiors expert Sarah Beeny told us, “I see spray painting as a great, quick method of renovation. It is astonishing how fast I can completely transform something with spray paint. I love that! You can get some great effects just by spraying”.

Photo displays

shutterstock_200228996Personalise your room while also making a statement with a photo display. Gather up all your cherished pictures and get them on show.

Balance and proportion is essential.

Either keep all the pictures the same size and on the same level or you can try varying shapes but ensure the layout is balanced on the wall. It is also a good idea to keep a colour theme, either sticking with all black and white or by using the same style photo frames. A spirit level and measuring tape is a must!

Upcycle your coffee table

shutterstock_169726082Buying new furniture can be an expensive task so why not save some money and reinvent your existing items? Upcycling has huge scope for creativity.

Shabby chic is a popular choice, simply sanding down and varnishing the wood can give your side table a completely different look. Or, you could try adding some jewels and a lick of bright paint to create a moroccan themed addition to your living room.

But why stop at your coffee table? Check out our other DIY design ideas here.

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