Sash window repair made easy

By Ellyn Peratikou

There are an estimated 40 million box sash windows installed in the British Isles. Most of them do not work well, even though the wood is still in reasonable condition. Many suffer from broken sash cords or rusted pulleys, they rattle in the wind, let through drafts or are so over painted they cannot be properly opened or closed. The first reaction is to recommend replacing them with modern equivalents. 

Think again! Refurbishment to today’s standards is not very difficult at all!


  • Do your research if you want to stay in keeping with your period property.
  • Do regularly paint or weather treat original wooden windows.
  • Will reduce energy bills, the majority of heat is lost through poorly draught proofed windows and doors.
  • Do retain key features and proportions where possible, they are an integral part of the properties character.


  • Windows are the eyes of a period building and of all the external features matters. Do not replace original windows for PVC, repair and restore.
  • Repairing and restoring original sash windows does not require planning permission or building regulations approval.
  • Ignore the instructions, should you require further assistance please contact us to speak to our technical department.


Here is a helpful step by step video to talk you through restoring and renovating your sash window:



Each kit contains:

(SB554) Staff Bead [20 x 15mm] 2 x 3m lengths, (PB504) Parting Bead [25 x 8mm] 2 x 3m lengths, (FX213) Flexislide [3mm groove] 4 x 2.2m lengths, (CW511) Pile Carrier 2 x 2.2m lengths, (WP413) Weatherpile Pre Fitted, (CC713K) Waxed Cord 12m, (FS812) Brighton Fastener x 1, (FS821) Sash Lifts x 2, (SF3001) Painters Caulk x 1, (PP1640) Panel Pins 1 Pack, (SEC010) Secure Stop x 2


About the author

Reddiseals are the original, largest independent specialist supplier in the UK of sash window products, who also offer a wide casement, seals and timber range, to meet the needs of our market. We offer a next day delivery on our vast range of hardware products and accessories at affordable prices.

Reddiseals work hard continuously to introduce the latest innovations and trends throughout our range ensuring we provide a dedicated service to tradesmen, joiners, carpenters and architects assisting them with their valued service and craftsmanship. For more information, visit

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