Six most outrageous ways to get drunk

By Ellyn Peratikou

Are your trips down the pub becoming too tedious? Is drinking champagne through a straw just not doing it for you? We’ve scoured the internet, seen plenty of awful things we wish we hadn’t, and discovered what insane lengths people would go to in order to feel that buzz a little bit quicker. So here they are, the six most outrageous ways to get drunk:

Warning: Do not try any of these at home. (Not that you’re ridiculous enough to do so!)

1. Eyeballing

We have absolutely no idea what to make of this. There’s really nothing appealing about consuming vodka by pouring the shot directly into your eyeball. Can I get you a side of permanent eye damage with that hangover? Why, oh why is this actually a thing? Essentially, eyeballing consists of applying the vodka bottle to eyeball, tilting head back, and screaming in pain. This method is believed to be a shortcut to the bloodstream, but what people fail to understand is that a loss less alcohol is absorbed this way. The immediate rush is more likely to be derived, not from the alcohol, but from the adrenaline you get from causing yourself such intense pain. It should come as no surprise that it can cause permanent optical damage.

2. Inhaling

The idea of inhaling or smoking alcohol has been around for a while and is a regular occurrence throughout bars and clubs in Europe. However, YouTube means that popularity has increased, (thanks YouTube!) The basic idea behind this is you put alcohol in a bottle and then add air — a bike pump is usually the tool of choice. The bottle with a cork or a rubber stopper of some kind around the pump needle and then fill it with air, increasing pressure until the bottle is pretty firm. When you release the pressure, boozy clouds escape the bottle.

3. Rummy Bears

If you’re looking for a way to get drunk and fast, this probably isn’t it. Alcohol infused jelly sweets are a fun treat for a party (not a children’s one mind you) but you’ll need at least three days to prepare them. Fill a bowl with jelly sweets, (bears or babies – it doesn’t matter) and fill it with an alcohol of your choice, ensuring that the sweets are completely immersed. Leave in the fridge for up to three days and voila! Now, how many you need to eat before you start feeling the affects, we don’t know.

4. Alcohol-spiked whipped cream

Some flavors of this canned boozy confection contain up to 18 percent alcohol by volume — equivalent to about four beers. We can think of at least 10 other booze filled desserts that are far better.

5. Snorting Vodka

If it sounds like a bad idea, looks like a bad idea, tastes like a bad idea, chances are… it will probably kill you. Wanting to get drunk faster is just no excuse for engaging in this frightening and seriously dangerous practice.

6. Suicide Shot

As if plain old tequila shots didn’t often enough lead to trouble, this one really ups the ante. First you snort the salt, then you drink the shot of tequila, and for the grand finale, squeeze lime juice in your eye.

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