Super you with confidence!

By Pippa Thompson

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Does your confidence sometimes fail you? Has life’s curveballs got the better of you? Have you forgotten about your dreams when you were young – being Superyou?!

Rosie Banks was always anxious, believing that people judged her. Her low confidence level was affecting her work and relationships. “I’d already read loads of self-help books, but nothing seemed to work. My Mum recommended Lindsey’s Confidence Workshop and I certainly wasn’t expecting such a transformation. Lindsey has the knack of finding that key to unlock our confidence… magic!”

“Since the workshop I now feel so confident and motivated. I run regularly, deliver presentations easily, joined ‘Citysocialising‘ and am meeting new people. I am now being the best possible version of me for me!”

Expert Confidence Coach Lindsey Reed formed Glows Coaching in 2005. As well as her popular confidence workshops, she also offers individual coaching and has confidence e-programmes so you can develop in the comfort of your own home.



Here are some great tips Lindsey has given us so you can be super-you!

1. Get to grips with the basics. “Confidence” derives from latin, meaning “to have full trust”. How would that be for you having full trust in yourself? 

2. Let go of the past. Every day is a new day, and a new opportunity. Learn, then let go of your past; you can change and become a sparkling confident you.  

3. Be your own best friend. Hey – stop putting yourself down! Be kind and give yourself encouragement along the way. 

4. Take control of your emotions. When fear strikes, take a moment to put things into perspective, and ask yourself “Is this really a big deal?”.

5. Act confident. Who do you know who has a warm confident demeanour? Watch carefully. How do they behave? Listen to the type of words they use. Then copy! Act as if you are confident and you might even believe it.

If you’d like to transform your confidence, get in touch today.


About the Author

Lindsey Reed is a FInstLM, Level 7 Executive Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and a licensed career and confidence coach.

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